About the SSC

To attend a shoot, watch for notification of an event then sign up on this web site for the event. Then show up and have fun! You have now joined!

We are a group of clay shooters who enjoy friendly competition, fun and fellowship. We created a scoring system to keep track of our shooting so we can see the improvement.

Clay clubs extend invitations to shooters who are registered on this web site for events at their clubs. The shooters post their scores here to find out how well they did in comparison to their peers.

Although the terms "members" and "club" are used, the SSC is not an incorporation or any sort of legal entity nor does it have any formal membership. The term member is used to describe anyone who wants to shoot with us.

No. We are a new organization. We did borrow from them many of the concepts they used for their scoring system, but that is where any association ends.

The SSC provides relaxed competition without involving direct monetary prizes. After participating in two SSC shoots, members are placed in divisions by calculating Par for each shoot and the individual’s Personal Handicap as follows:

Par (for the shoot) = (Ave of top 10% of the scores)

Personal Handicap = Moving Ave (Par - score)

An individual’s Personal Handicap is calculated using a moving average which approximates the average of their last ten shoots. The minimum requirement is 2 shoots for initial division placement. The individual's Personal Handicap value determines the division placement as follows:

SSC Division








Personal Handicaps

0 thru 3 (4 wide)

4 thru 8 (5 wide)

9 thru 14 (6 wide)

15 thru 21 (7 wide)

22 thru 29 (8 wide)

30 thru 39 (10 wide)

40 & up

A shooter's eligibility for concurrent events which are based on age is determined by the age of the shooter on the 1st day of the target year (January 1st) and shall determine his or her eligibility for the entire upcoming shooting year. No contestant shall be eligible for more than one individual concurrent event based on age.

  • Sub-Junior - Any member who has not reached his or her 16th birthday by the first day of the target year.
  • Junior - Any member who has not reached his or her 21st birthday by the first day of the target year.
  • Veteran - Any person 55 years of age and over who has not yet reached his or her 65th birthday.
  • Super Veteran - Any person 65 years of age but less than 75.
  • Super Veteran - Any person 75 years of age and over.
  • Lady - A female shooter of any age.

Due to the increased interest in shooting sub gauge guns and to allow as much freedom to have as much fun as possible, the SSC uses the following handicapping system

Shotgun Type

12 Gauge

16 Gauge

20 Gauge

28 Gauge



Side by Side

Added Handicap








Scoring is done on the honor system. When shooters come off the course, they will post their scores on the provided scoreboard. All scores must be posted within 15 minutes of the last person coming off the course

NO requests honored for corrections due to scores not posted or incorrectly posted.

The scores can be viewed via the web site after the event.
A very wise teacher suggested that we present the greatest prize possible. A good feeling!
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